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Friday, 18 October 2013

How to Blog? Here is all you need to know


Friend’s blogging can be fun when your hard work pays off. It’s not those old time that you have to do all the work by yourself and wait for the result. It’s the time that you automate everything on the hands of plugins and software’s and then waits for the result. It’s all made easy with the technologies and it is what we call as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Fresh content:
Don’t waste a reader’s time with a lengthy introduction. Instead, get to the point and communicate your most important message first. In other words, always write like a journalist by leading strong and ending with the least important details. Fresh content is the first tip that every blogger will give for other blogger. Because Content is King currently considering the update of Google’s search algorithm at the end of may this year 2013 you might have had spam changes with the traffic in your blog rankings and page views. If you write  fresh and to the point content in blog, that way if a person only reads the first paragraph or first sentence he ‘ll have enough vital information to understand the basic story and to decide if he wants to keep reading.
Many visitors to an unfamiliar website simply scan the first page, so you will need to grab their attention straight away. Use the strategy of the movie makers or book writers who create an intriguing image in their first shot/page to draw the viewer or reader in.
Write simplify:
A Good content writer, write always a simple content for readers. Most blog readers expect content to be quick and easy to read. They are not looking for research papers, so you should always write a personable style and use words that match a young reading level.
Take some time to consider your blog topic, your target audience and your goals, and then write at a reading level that matches. Keep in mind, this trick depends very much on your blog topic and target audience.
Use internal linking in your Articles:
If you want to increase your blog then you should use internal linking in your blog. Do you know that when you search something on search engines, Wikipedia which is the most popular encyclopedia over the internet appears first. You know how can possible this? Wikipedia and many other organizations build internal links also known as inbound links constantly. Always giving links to internal articles is good technique of obtaining more and more page views and hence traffic.
Give internal link in your old articles that are relevant to your new and fresh articles. And you can also give links in your new and fresh articles that are relevant in your old articles.
Use External Linking:
Always use External linking for your blog it’s a easy way to get more treffic and increase your blog visitores.
Build your email list:
You should start building your email list from day one. Even if you don’t plan on selling anything, having an email list allows you to promote your new content your audience directly without worrying about search rankings,
Use social Meida:
Now a days social is very populer in the world. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, and many others sites are helping to promote our Business and products. You should creat a Fan page in Facebook, Twitter, and get more likes for your blog. Social Media presence is very important for the blog treffic. If you want to improve your blog treffic and get more recognition for your online business, it is necessary to keep your presence in social media and share with your followers frequently.
Some short but very important Tips for Blog
·         Alwys reply to first comments msut. Its helpful to improve your blog.
·         Share your post on facebook
·         Tweet out your post on twitter
·         Always read your post again then you write it
·         Set up autometic pinging
·         Include an RSS feed option
·         Make your blog easy to read
·         Guest blog on larger blogs in your industry
·         Comment on other blogger articles
·         Ensure your blog can be easily read mobile devices
·         Copy and emulate the strategies of top bloggers
·         Write a blog post that highlights the best bloggers in your industry
·         Submit your top posts to Reddit
·         Have a bussiness card for your blog
·         Take photos with instagarame and share them on facebook and twitter

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