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Friday, 1 November 2013

Anti-rape underwear is coming, shock your attackers with anti-rape underwear.


When crime against women becomes uncontrollable and the lawmakers of the country cannot come up with an effective solution, innovative technocrats take over and create something as practical and sensible as anti-rapeunderwear.

AR Wear has been working on an anti-rape garments that women can wear discreetly, underneath their normal clothing.

The idea is that customer can wear the AR underwear, for example with a dress and leave for a night on the town felling potentially a bit more secure.
The beauty about this innovation is that it makes women wearing it feel a certain sense of security while defending themselves against attackers knowing that they have this powerful bodyguard hidden underneath their clothes.

The company designed the new anti-rape underwear with specific locks that keep it safely and tightly on the user and make it difficult for a stranger to forcibly remove it.

Indian students also make anti-rape underwear, this undergarments is also equipped with in built GPS and GSM systems. These tracking system send out SMS alerts to parents of the girls and police station informing the location of the wear when she is attacked.

Company’s video describes functions on certain parts of the garment to add protection by making those parts harder to move.

AR Wear currently features underwear and running shorts and the creators hope to apply the same technology to traveling shorts in the future.

The company is asking for $50,000 to complete the products line.  A donation of $1,000 or more “will help get AR Wear to women and girls who do not have the means to buy it themselves,” and they will donate the clothing to a charitable organization that provides anti-sexual violence services.”

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 Here you can some image of anti-rape underwear:

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