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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Coca Cola super sound multimedia Speaker


Hi, today I am going to tell you about Coca Cola super sound multimedia speaker.

I am sure you see a Coca-Cola teen pack in mobile shops and electronic market. And you also shocked to see that what is this? You also think that teen pack what’s doing here? It’s very interesting because this is not for drink. This is a super sound multimedia speaker. Electrical companies convert mp3 technology in Coca Cola teen packs. It is full of many facilities.

Listen to your favorite songs in style with the Coca Cola in can rechargeable MP3/FM Radio with stereo speaker.

Available in many flavors:
Sound can is available in many others flavors. Have an hour’s long music fest handy speaker. For memory storage and usage microSD card is necessary.  In the mood for something new? The speaker also comes with built in FM radio.
The sound speaker also comes with two options for you to enjoy favorite tunes. Share your love for music with the high quality speaker. And speaker is providing you private listing sessions, plug in headphone and you are set.

Multimedia sound speaker takes the shape of vending cans, making it a very handy listing device. Adorned with coca cola inspired prints, it’s surely a fun addition to your bedroom or desk.

Filling facilities:
Don’t worry Coca Cola multimedia can is rechargeable. Enjoy music with sound speaker and recharge battery very easily.

You can enjoy music anytime, anywhere with Fabulous Coca Can mini speaker.
Excellent quality& clear sound

With this Coca Can you can enjoy music from laptop, mobile Phone, MP3, MP4, PC, IPAD, I POD and other audio device.
Here no needs to shift among U disk, SD, MMC, MP3, MP4. It can automatically read the first input media device; just connect 3.5mm stereo audio cable to speaker socket.
FM Radio Function is available in two styles. Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Speaker: 3.5mm micro speaker
Response: 100 Hz-20 KHz, Signal to noise: 85 db, rating power: 2W.

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