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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Top 10 most popular Topics for Blogs :( Part 1)


Dear readers every day millions of internet users hit Google.com for search something. There is lot of topics which the peoples search but some of the topics are very popular and searched again and again by the users.
It’s not an easy task to choose a topic for blog because every topic is very nice and most searched by the peoples, if you are going to start a blog then you are looking for a most searchable topic for your blog, you need to optimize your topic on the Google and make it visible for the users and the quality of the contents will be nice.
You know there are millions of topics for search and people searched million topics but here I am listing the most popular 10 topics for you.
You can choose the topic for your own blog and make your blog popular on the Google web search and make your blog a Profitable Business.

1.       Blogging tips:
Blogging has recently become too well liked even the developing countries. The simplest sources to find out the new bloggers are the blogs themselves. Due to increase of blogging worldwide there is also a lot of blogs and sites of professional bloggers and web developers which are educating new bloggers that how to make your own blog and website and what is tips to earn revenue with blog. This is most searched topic in search engine.

2.       Technology
This topic searched very frequently on internet and those people who want to aware with new technology products and their version search these topics and in today’s aspect the sounding of those peoples increasing day by day. Technology blogs and sites are generating high revenue like Teachcrunch.com and Mashable.com.

3.       Social media
Social media is very popular topic now a day’s. this post is too less to explain the facility of media at now of life wherever one may not have a checking account however should be having 3 or 4 accounts on totally different social networking websites. If you want to generate more revenue and traffic for you own blog than you should choose social media topic for blog. Mashable.com is an example of social media topic blog it’s very popular and most searched site.

4.       Sex topics:
This topic is leading the search on internet. Most of the peoples of any age, male or female, child or adults, even old peoples search these topics on internet in the form of stories, videos, comics, toys, animation etc.

5.       Celebrities

If you choose “Celebrities” topic for your blog than you are right because the most viewed blogs of the entertainment is those which contains the reviews, latest updates, photos and upcoming news about the celebrities of the world. TV actors and actress, Film celebrities are most viewed in the internet.
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